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Optimal Power Solutions is involved in all aspects of the critical power infrastructure from sales, to service, to the more in-depth design assist with the engineering community and the end users. OPS specializes in Rotary CPS systems, battery monitoring systems, static UPS systems and site distribution. OPS has over 20 years of experience in the critical power industry and has developed relationships with several manufacturers to be able to create the Optimal Power Solution for your critical environment.


Optimal Power solutions has been in the critical power industry for over 20 years and has the following services it can provide.

Battery maintenance

OPS offers battery maintenance by using the Patented Alber cellcorder to manually measure your batteries voltage and resistance and to proactively detect failing cells/batteries.

Battery testing

OPS has the ability to test your battery systems per IEEE standards and manufactures standards by the use of the Alber cellcorder and either with an already installed monitoring system or Alber BCT 200 system and give you full analysis of your battery system.

Design assist

As part of the sales process OPS can help in designing what system is right for you and help you choose between Isolated redundant , Parallel redundant. A –B train , and from 2(N) +1 to an N system . We can help you decide what is right for you .

UPS/CPS systems

OPS can help you determine which topology is right for your application , We can help you put together the question and answers to help you make the right choice. Is the tradition Static UPS system with Diesel backup or is a Rotary CPS system with the engine mechanically integrated into the system the smarter choice for you . will help you decide

Battery monitoring installation

We can not only provide the solution of what monitor for you but we are authorized to install and commission the Alber battery monitoring system for a turnkey solution .

Remote battery monitoring

OPS can set up a remote monitoring contract by either using a WebEx connection or VPN (provided customer will allow) and remotely analyze your battery monitor data and troubleshoot battery or monitor failures . We can set up a yearly or quarterly reports for you site to ensure your data is not just sitting there but being analyzed to keep your batteries at the optimal state.

On site Battery monitoring services

If you do not have the ability to have your site remotely accessed then we can travel to your site and run your reports and update your monitor and software on site .

CFD Modeling Services

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling could be the answer. CFD provides a detailed 3-D analysis of how cold air is moving through a data center, identifying potential “hot spots” where equipment is receiving too little airflow. Thermal mapping can also find areas in a data center that are receiving more cold air than needed, wasting cooling and energy.

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