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Optimal Power Solutions

Optimal Power Solutions is involved in all aspects of the critical power infrastructure from sales, to service, to the more in-depth design assist with the engineering community and the end users. OPS specializes in Rotary CPS systems, battery monitoring systems, static UPS systems and site distribution. OPS has over 20 years of experience in the critical power industry and has developed relationships with several manufacturers to be able to create the Optimal Power Solution for your critical environment.


Power distribution

PDI Has been in the Power Quality industry since 1979 and has been making innovative and industry leading products that range from PDU’s to STS’s and all products relating to Power Quality distribution.

Onyx power

ONYX Power is a best-in-class manufacturer of high power transformers, magnetics, inverters, and power distribution systems for the critical power industry. We are committed to delivering outstanding value to our customers through design expertise, lower costs, enhanced performance, and shorter lead times.

Due to our 65,000 square ft. transformer facility that is the largest and most modern on the west coast

ONYX specializes in manufacturing the inductors and gap magnetics that used in most power conversion systems

ONYX power distribution systems are versatile, engineered solutions that are used by top data centers and those seeking a higher level of reliability and functionality

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