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Optimal Power Solutions is involved in all aspects of the critical power infrastructure from sales, to service, to the more in-depth design assist with the engineering community and the end users. OPS specializes in Rotary CPS systems, battery monitoring systems, static UPS systems and site distribution. OPS has over 20 years of experience in the critical power industry and has developed relationships with several manufacturers to be able to create the Optimal Power Solution for your critical environment.


Cooling Solutions & Air Handling

United Metal Products

United Metal Products is the industry leader in outside air energy recovery and evaporative cooling with proven systems used around the world.

Optimal Power Solutions can implement customized United Metal Products’ high quality and energy efficient air moving systems. We support your mission-critical environment in a variety of climates and locations. Learn more about overall OPEX and PUE reduction in your enterprise data center, co-location facility or mission critical environment.

Rittal leads the industry in developing high-density cooling solutions that maximize performance and efficiency. Let Optimal Power Solutions show you how a Rittal LCP can pay for itself within two years.

High Density Cooing – Rittal Liquid Cooling Packages

Rittal’s Liquid Cooling Packages (LCP) can handle high heat densities and quickly adapt to changing requirements.

Rittal Liquid Cooling Packages can be used:

  • In open or closed loop and hybrid configurations
  • With or without hot aisles and containment systems
  • As a new deployment
  • Or retrofitted to expand the efficiency of existing installations

Rittal LCP+

The LCP+ is ideal for high-density data center environments and the natural environment.

  • Effectively handling loads of up to 44 kW
  • Reducing energy consumption by up to 45%

The LCP+ provides maximum cooling economization using "free cooling". Effectively utilizing higher temperature inlet water (59°F or warmer) allows for the chiller compressor to be turned off during suitable outdoor conditions.

Rittal Extend

The LCP Extend is perfect for retrofitting existing deployments. Simply mount on the rear of a server enclosure in place of the door to:

  • Eliminate hot spots
  • Conserve space
  • Enhance efficiency & performance

The Rittal LCP Extend is an open loop solution that can support multiple enclosures with a variety of heat loads—removing up to 15 kW of heat.

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