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Optimal Power Solutions is involved in all aspects of the critical power infrastructure from sales, to service, to the more in-depth design assist with the engineering community and the end users. OPS specializes in Rotary CPS systems, battery monitoring systems, static UPS systems and site distribution. OPS has over 20 years of experience in the critical power industry and has developed relationships with several manufacturers to be able to create the Optimal Power Solution for your critical environment.


Battery Monitoring and testing equipment

Optimal Power Solutions provides products and services for any stationary Battery application


Albercorp was started in 1973 by Glenn Alber and has been the industry leader in Battery test equipment. Alber offers a full line of stationary battery monitors and test equipment, battery diagnostic systems, capacity test systems, resistance testers, hydrometers, and load banks.

Cellcorder CRT- 400 Cell Resistance Tester

The Alber Cellcorder is by far the most reliable on-line manual test instrument for stationary Lead-acid batteries. The patented resistance test method where the battery's DC conductive path is assessed will detect early signs of battery failures. This is especially important in demanding UPS applications but why take a chance in any other application by using an AC based test method.

The Cellcorder is well proven and has over the years saved millions of dollars to multiple customers around the world.

The CRT-400, the latest version offers valuable user friendliness in its easy to use interface and accessories such as the lighted spike probes makes the testing fast, easy and reliable.

Contact us for en in depth explanation on how the Cellcorder Resistance Method may be the difference between a costly battery failure and a worry free scenario where you can trust your batteries to work when they are called upon..

MPM and BDS Battery Monitors

The MPM and BDS battery monitors offers the ultimate protection against downtime caused by a battery failure.

The Alber monitor scan all critical battery parameters 24/7 and alerts you when a parameter jeopardize the health of the batteries. Monitoring the batteries and act on this information will not only protect you from costly and embarrassing failures but also make sure that your batteries is in optimal environmental conditions to ensure full payback on your investment. There are thousands of examples where customers been able to at least double the useful life of their batteries after investing in an Alber Battery Monitor system.

The Monitor performs an automatic resistance test once a month to reveal weak batteries before they become a risk for the integrity of the complete string.

Optimal Power Solution has lots of experience in battery testing and battery monitoring so do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.

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